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Gloria Company signs collective agreement with labor union

Workers will receive a general increase and bonuses. :: Published 04/08/2016

The Gloria Group S.A. and its labor union signed a collective agreement for 2016 through mediation of the Department of Prevention and Conflict Resolution of Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion.

According to the agreement, the Company will give to workers a general increase of 160 soles monthly since January 1st 2016 and a bonus, one time only, of 710 soles.

In addition, Gloria will give to its staff a monthly family allowance of 60 soles per spouse or partner and 41 soles per each unmarried child under 21 years of age that financially dependent of the worker.

One of the clauses of the document mentions that the company will offer 29 scholarships of 1,900 soles each one (14 for primary school, 11 high school and 4 for university level) for children of workers evaluated as the best students.

This collective agreement was signed on July 27th, and resolved definitely their demands of the labor union during 2016, and both parts ratify their decision of maintain harmony and labor peace.

Gloria and the labor union agreed that the document is the only one that regulates all remunerative and working conditions concepts, replacing any previous document.