MTPE invest 26 million soles in public infrastructure projects for 17 regions of the country

Through Trabaja Perú program is expected to generate more than 4 thousand temporal employments for the vulnerable population :: Published 09/10/2016

The Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion reported that there will be more than 26 million soles of public Investment in 75 project of unskilled labor, for the vulnerable population of 17 regions of the country.

The works will be developed within the framework of the contingency projects of “Trabaja Perú” program and will generate 4,600 temporal employments and focused in the areas of sanitation and transitability.

Among these projects are the Improvement of the road infrastructure and pedestrian in Lari, Chivay and Madrigal districts in the province of Caylloma (Arequipa) affected by a strong earthquake last august which will redound for the benefit of the tourism in these areas.

The benefited regions are: Amazonas, Áncash, Arequipa, Apurímac, Ayacucho, Cusco Huánuco, Junín, Lambayeque, Lima, Loreto, Madre de Dios, San Martín, Huancavelica, Moquegua, Pasco and Tacna.

This way, MTPE helps the poorest and most disadvantaged inhabitants that have low levels of employability.

For 2017 is programmed to generate, approximately, 25,000 temporal jobs thanks to the financing of more than 400 projects of public investment in unskilled labor.

In the last five years, Trabaja Perú program has invested over 658 million soles and generate 172,725 benefiting 158 783 women and more than 74 thousand men of our country.

It should be noted that Trabaja Peru finances paving roads, construction of trainers slabs, parks, green areas, retaining walls, irrigation channels, among others, with the objective to generate employment and to promote the sustained employment and quality in the unemployed and underemployed population of the urban and rural areas that are in poverty condition and extreme poverty.