MTPE promotes formalization of business in Trujillo

The informal employment rate in La Libertad region reach 77 per cent and in the young people goes up to 93.3%. :: Published 16/10/2016

The Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion opened the “Formalízate Ahora” fair in Trujillo city, to facilitate the process of formalization of the entrepreneur or businessman of La Libertad region as part of the first hundred days of management.  

This way, the MTPE creates a space where in an agile and available way the information and linked services to the process of formalization (business, tributary, labor, sectorial and municipal) for the development and business grow.

This strategy is framed with the Plan of Sectorial Action for the Labor Formalization 2016, which seeks to sensitize to the population about the problem of informality and their serious consequences for the national development; and to give simplified administrative services referred to the formalization, concentrated in a physical space.

Also, this modality of government action oriented to the approach of its agencies to the micro and small entrepreneurs, facilitate the process of labor formalization.

It should be pointed that in La Libertad the informal employment rate reach 77 per cent and in the case of young people, the number rises to 93.3 per cent.

“Formalízate Ahora” in Trujillo join 24 state’s institutions, between them Sunat, Sunafil, Sunarp, ONP and Produce that will give orientation and free talks to access to the business and laboral formality.

The main services offered are: minute elaboration and public deed, obtaining of the SOL clave and RUC, to manage the electronic spreadsheet and the register of work contracts and how to register to the workers in EsSalud.

This fair takes place until Friday, Oct. 14 in the block 6, Sinchi Roca Street, at the intersection of Sucre and González Prada Street in Trujillo. The admission is completely free

“Formalizate Ahora” will be in Gamarra (November) and Ica (December).