MTPE trains 150 entrepreneurs to implement businesses in Apurimac Region

Impulsa Perú Program will strengthen their skills on trade or services areas :: Published 13/10/2016

The Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion reported that Impulsa Peru Program will train 150 entrepreneurs in Apurimac in order to promote self-employment and improve employability levels of unemployed and underemployed people.

The beneficiaries are from Andahuaylas, Chalhuanca y Challhuahuacho provinces, and they will strengthen their skills on trade or services areas.

The National University of Callao will be the responsible institution for the training, and will provide technical assistance and advice for immediate formalization of their businesses.

In addition, the top 30 business plans submitted during training, will receive an enterprising kit valued at 2500 soles, and it can use for later implementation.

Impulsa Peru Program through joint work with local government and in accordance with the agreements made for the development of district Challhuahuacho, invests in training in Apurimac Region to contribute to the reduction of social conflicts in the zone.

During August 2011 and August 2016, Impulsa Peru Program has benefited to 61 380 people nationwide, with a financial execution of more than 77 million soles in 25 regions of the country.

Impulsa Peru is a program of the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion that provides free orientation and technical assistance for entrepreneurs; in addition to job training and certification of labor skills. Their beneficiaries are unemployed and underemployed people from 30 to 59 years of the economically active population. For further information: