MTPE will extend service hours of the Employment Center and Labor Services Window

Minister Grados gave the notice after participating in the first session of the Cabinet of the government of President Kuczynski :: Published 05/08/2016

The Minister of Labour and Employment Promotion, Alfonso Grados, announced that the service hours of  the Employment Center  and Labor Services Window will be expanded.

After ending the first meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of the current government, Grados Carraro said that this initiative aims to bring more MTPE free services to citizens and acquit an unmet demand that exists today.

“We intend to expand the coverage of these services across the country to increase the number of attention to 40%.” he added.

Thus, from monday august 8th the attention of Employment Center and Labor Services Window located at headquarters (Av. Salaverry 655, Jesús Maria) will be from 6:30 am to 7 of the night. This schedule will be gradually implemented in the offices of the districts of San Juan de Lurigancho (Av. Germanio with Vanadio Jr., height of whereabouts 17 Av. Las Flores, Urb. San Hilarión) and Los Olivos (Av. Universitaria No. 2202).

The services offered by the Employment Center with extended hours are: job, job training modalities, entrepreneurial approach, advice for job search, job placement for people with disabilities, service career counseling and occupational information, service guidance for entrepreneurship, labor market information, service orientation migrant. As well as services labor consultations and settlement services and social benefits.

Regarding the delivery of Labor Unique Certificate, will continue to be from 8:15 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., due to an agreement with the Ministry of the Interior.

The head of MTPE said  that the Employment Center services are intended to facilitate labor formalization policies and insertion of youth into formal labor force that are pillars of the sector.

“Not only we are going to provide better service, but expand the range of services gradually to facilitate employment, formalization of work and eventually generate higher levels of employability for youth,” he said.

Finally, Grados Carraro said MTPE programs will have in time have external financing support , especially Employment centers that already have an approved $ 30 million from the IDB for expansion and strengthening loan.