MTPE will have a budget of 371 million soles for 2017

SUNAFIL will have more than 86 million soles. :: Published 13/10/2016

During his address to the Budget Committee of Congress, the Minister of Labour and Employment Promotion, Alfonso Grados, reported that his sector will have a budget of 371 million soles for 2017, amount higher by 31 million allocated in this year.

Thus, the different programs of the MTPE as Trabaja Perú, Jóvenes Productivos and Impulsa Perú will have a budget of 226 million soles.

MInister Grados highlighted that of the sector total resources for the next year, 86.4 million soles will be oriented to the National Superintendence of the Labor Inspection (Sunafil).

“The five strategic axes of the ministerial management  for this period are the  formalization of the     workforce, the youth insertion to the labor market, the social dialogue in labor matter, the employability and protection of vulnerable groups ant the promoters programmes”, remarked.