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Viceminister of Labor highlights importance of the woman’s labour equality

It seeks to protect the vulnerable groups of the society. :: Published 12/10/2016

During his participation in the 14 Peruvian Congress of People Management – GDP 2016, the viceminister of Labor, Augusto Eguiguren Praeli, highlighted the importance to stablish a policy of remunerated equality of woman, through the social dialogue.

He noted that the Ministry of Labour and Employment Promotion, this policy is part of a broader strategy to protect vulnerable groups in society, in which women make up the largest group that suffers discrimination at work.

The statistics in Peru show that there is almost the same number of women as men in working age; however, there are almost twice of inactive women, respect to men in the same situation (4.3 million  with regard to 2.2 millions of men).

Also, according to information of the electronic spreadsheet that measure the size of the formal private sector, the men workers are the double in relation to the women and the salary gap between genders reach an average of 20%.

In this context, Eguiguren Praeli specified that is important to enter to the discretional sphere of the employer breaking paradigms, changing the culture and transparenting the remuneration policies.

“For that, the labor defence mechanisms for the women, victims of discrimination promoting sectorial audits and for company over the earnings position and implementing actions and programs that ensure the gender equality in Perú will be encourage”, said.

“To do this, we will promote defense work mechanisms for women workers facing discrimination and promoting business sector audits on the salary situation and implementing actions and programs to ensure gender equality in Peru” he said.